Albert Einstein Rare Books

 by Gregory J. Mallon



Below you will see a rare, fine copy of Einstein's First American edition of his book, "The Meaning of Relativity".

Weil #124a - The Meaning of Relativity: four lectures delivered at Princeton University, May 1921.  Translated by Edwin Plimpton Adams.  Princeton University Press, 1922, 123 pp. English Ed., London, Methuen, 1922 2 ll., 123 pp.

Weil #124a - The Meaning of Relativity (1st Ed., "Published 1922" [Printing 1923] ),  Albert Einstein

The Meaning of Relativity
Weil #124a (1st American Edition)
says "Published 1922" (Printed 1923), indicative of 1st Ed.
2nd American Ed Published in 1945... 2nd London Ed, pub 1946
--See Weil, "Albert Einstein Bibliography"

WEIL #124a  /  BONI #121
Condition: Fine
Offered at: $600 (Firm)
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Publishing Dates (1922/1923)

Published 1922

Printed 1923

Printed in Great Britain at the Aberdeen University Press, Aberdeen

Custom Clamshell Case Meaning of Relativity, 1923
with Custom Leather-Spine Clamshell Case (above)

with Custom Leather-Spine Clamshell Case (above)