Time Travel in Einstein's Universe

 by Gregory J. Mallon


Magic of Time

time travel in einstein's universe

Time Travel.  It's no Illusion.

One of the greatest misconceptions we have about gravity is the idea that objects are somehow "attracted" to the earth by the "force" of gravity.   This is sometimes thought of as a magnetic-like attraction, which is far from the truth.   If you hold an object, say a "bean bag", and let it go, it will appear, from your perspective, to travel in a straight line directly to the floor.  But what has really happened here?

Einstein's remarkable thought was to imagine that space itself is somehow warped by massive objects, and that objects moving through space simply follow a "path of least resistance".  This was an incredibly bizarre concept for most people to comprehend and many physicists could not bring themselves to believe it.  But once Einstein imagined curved space as being the source of gravitation, he knew he was right.  It was simply a matter of time before he could struggle through the complex mathematics that describe the behavior.

Finally, in late 1915, with the help of his close friend Marcel Grossman, he had it.  Then, in 1916 he published, in the German "Annals of Physics" (Annalen der Physik), the most momentous scientific revelation of our time, "The Theory of General Relativity".

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