Einstein TSL's

 by Gregory J. Mallon





Below you will see 'The Corelli Letter", an authentic Einstein Type-written-Signed-Letter (TSL) where Einstein discusses his admiration of the "Italian Masters". 

Albert Einstein's Personal Embossed Letterhead (from his home in Princeton, N.J.)

Einstein's Personal Embossed Letterhead from 112 Mercer Street, Princeton, NJ

Einstein loved music and especially playing the violin

The Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists (ECAC), 1946 -  Appeal for One Million Dollars

Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists (Style 2 Letterhead)

The committee sent "form letters" (with a "rubber stamp" signature) to potential patrons in an appeal for one million dollars.  


I just acquired a copy of the "appeal letter" (below, with rubber stamp signature) and I will be posting updated samples soon.   

Note:  While I had heard of this rubber stamp, I had never seen an actual copy of this document before.   For some reason, it was a hot item at auction, presumably because of the content which addressed the perils of the atomic age.
-Greg Mallon (EinsteinsWorld.com)


$1 Check Endorsed with Rubber Stamp


The Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists (ECAC), 1946  -  Einstein Sends a Thank You

Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists (Style 1 Letterhead), "Provisional Committee"

The original, "provisional" committee members consisted of Albert Einstein (Chairman), Hans A. Bethe, Edward U. Condon, Leo Szilard, and Harold C. Urey.   As a thank you for those who contributed, Einstein sent a signed letter like you see below.

Receipt for a $100 Contribution