Albert Einstein Bibliographies

A Checklist for Scientific Publications

 by Gregory J. Mallon




Below you will see the official (de facto) books that most Einstein collectors use for research.

Even though these books are not that old, they are somewhat pricey.

They are:

  • 1. Albert Einstein Bibliography, by Ernst Weil, Ph. D
  •     This is the rarest and most sought after checklist used and referenced by Einstein collectors.  Even though it was published in 1960 (as was the Nell Boni Bibliography below), it is hard to find.  
  • At right, you can see what the inside of this book looks like.   Quite simply, it lists all of Albert Einstein's major scientific publications, and the sequential number that is used is the de-facto "reference number" cited for most of Einstein's works.   For example, Einstein's 1929 paper on the Unified Field Theory (Zur Einheitlichen Feldtheorie) is commonly cited as "Weil 165"
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  • 2. Einstein Bibliographical Checklist, by Nell Boni, Monique Russ, and Dan H. Laurence
  •     This scarce book is the second most frequently cited book referenced by Einstein collectors.  While referenced frequently along with the "Weil" numbers, it is not treated as the standard bibliography as is Ernst Weil's book.  
  • Oddly enough, Nell Boni's (et al) book is a bit more thorough in documenting just about everything Einstein published (including significant newspaper articles).   Going beyond the standard set of scientific publications, the Boni work includes the following sections:
  •    I.  SCIENTIFIC WRITINGS - The content is similar to what you would find in Ernst Weil's book, basically all scientific writings.
  •   II.  GENERAL WRITINGS - Including significant newspaper articles written by Albert Einstein.   An example of this is the 1931 article published in the New York Herald Tribune entitled "As Einstein Sees America" (BONI #324), a very interesting personal view of the people of the United States.
  • While the "spine" of this book simply says "Einstein Bibliographical Checklist", the title page inside shows the actual full title to be: "A Bibliographical Checklist and Index to the Published Writings of Albert Einstein" [Compiled by Nell Boni, Monique Russ, and Dan H. Laurence, 1960, Pageant Books, Inc.]





BOOK: Albert Einstein Bibliography, Ernst Weil, Ph.D.

Condition: Very Fine
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BOOK: Einstein Bibliographical Checklist, Nell Boni, et al

Condition: Fine
Offered at: $50 (Firm)