An Ongoing Discussion With the imaginary "Mr. Phil" on the Science, History, and Significance of Relativity..


The Truth About Gravity
What exactly causes Gravity? It's not Magnetism. Was Isaac Newton right?   Why exactly does an apple "fall" to the ground?  Einstein revealed the truth that most people still don't realize.

Approaching Light Speed
The Implications of Approaching Light Speed Let's look deeper at E=mc2 and find out what it really means, especially when approaching the speed of light.

The Gravity Matrix
All we're offering is the Truth... The Gravity Matrix is everywhere. It is all around you, even now in your very room.  While you can't see it, you can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when your walk outside.

Authenticating Einstein
Authenticating Einstein's Signature A review of Albert Einstein's signature with numerous examples.  Includes a discussion of eBay's PSA/DNA service, and the challenges of authenticating rare autographs.

Time Travel in Einstein's World
A look at the famous "Twins Paradox"... She may be a Magician, but Can Krystyn Lambert REALLY Travel into the Future? An analysis of relativistic effects when approaching light speed, where everyone "carries there own clock" and perception of time.  The "Twins Paradox".

Top Audio and Video Links
Top Einstein Video and Audio Links We've searched the net and found some of the best links to see and hear Einstein in his own words.

The Mallon Relativity Project
Greg Mallon's Summary and Review of Einstein's Famous Relativity Book My chapter by chapter analysis of Einstein's book, "Relativity".  We'll go back in time to analyze Einstein's attempt to explain time and space.

Einstein Quotes
Einstein Quotes Interesting quotes from Dr. Einstein:  "...Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one...."



Rare Einstein Books
Our Einstein Collection: Books, Photos, Journals... A look at our collection of rare books by Albert Einstein (and others on Relativity and Gravitation), including a number of First Editions

Scientific Papers
An Einstein Bibliography Our Collection of scientific papers and  publications by Albert Einstein, including his famous 1931 paper on the Unified Field Theory.

Einstein Press Photos
Photos from the AP and UPI Wire Services - Before the internet, this was how photos were passed to News Organizations Before the Age of the Internet, we look at how the press would distribute photos of Einstein, with original photos and the appearance in a newspaper.

Rare Einstein Magazines
Rare Einstein Magazines Albert Einstein featured in a number of popular magazines throughout his life, including some rare Time Magazines.

TSLs - Type Written Signed Letters
A look at the famous "Twins Paradox"... She may be a Magician, but Can Krystyn Lambert REALLY Travel into the Future? A selection of rare Type Written Signed (TSL) Letters from Albert Einstein.  From the collection here at Einstein's World.

An Einstein Bibliography
An Einstein Bibliography A review of the best Einstein Bibliographies that may be used to track, research, and build your collection.

Review of Einstein's "New Book" released in 1920
A Rare Newspaper Review of Relativity from 1921 Go back in time and see how Einstein's famous book was publicized in a very rare newspaper "Book of the Week" review.

Vintage Newspapers Featuring Albert Einstein
A look at the famous "Twins Paradox"... She may be a Magician, but Can Krystyn Lambert REALLY Travel into the Future? A collection of vintage Einstein-related newspapers. See the 1929 edition of "As Einstein Sees America", also sometimes referred to as "Greetings to America", an insight into Einstein's opinion of the people of America..




Einstein's House at Halloween

Photos I took at Einstein's House on Mercer Street, Princeton, N.J., Nov 2009, © (copies for sale upon request).  More Photos of his House in 2009 Below.

San Francisco Chronicle - 1929  Emil Ludwig discusses Dr. Einstein in the San Francisco Chronicle on the occasion of Einstein's 50th Birthday.

Einstein's Doctorate Diploma from Zurich University to be Auctioned - The Fischer Art house in Lucerne, Switzerland estimates the bidding will start at approximately $20,000 Swiss Francs (or USD $26,000)

Einstein's letter on religion sells for £170,000



"Einstein's World.  ...In his world nothing stands still.  All moves; everything changes.  There are no straight lines.  Everything curves.  The world has an end but no boundary..." -Time Magazine, February 18, 1929 (Caption: EINSTEIN - Suspicion is the mother of perception)

As Einstein Sees America The New Herald Tribune Magazine article (Mar 29th, 1931) where Einstein sends "Greetings to America".   Inside, Einstein discusses his view of working class Americans, his views on "prohibition" and much, much more.


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